iPhone 15 Series Price Set to Increase in Pakistan

Apple is poised to unveil the long-anticipated iPhone 15 series next month, with rumors swirling about a potential $100 hike in price for each model.

Much like its predecessor, the iPhone 14, the upcoming iPhone 15 series is anticipated to offer a diverse range of choices for consumers.

This lineup is projected to encompass four distinct options: a standard model catering to the general user, a Plus model offering enhanced features and capabilities, and the more premium pro models tailored to those seeking cutting-edge technology and advanced performance.

This approach aligns with Apple’s strategy of catering to varying preferences and needs within its customer base.

Two significant rumors warrant mention, adding to the ongoing speculation.

What specifications will the iPhone 15 feature?

Regarding the forthcoming iPhone 15 lineup, a considerable amount of speculation has emerged, particularly centered around a potentially transformative change in its connectivity options.

The prevailing buzz suggests that Apple is contemplating a shift away from the traditional lightning port in favor of embracing the USB-C connection standard.

Another possibility is that Apple might opt for Qualcomm chips in these products, as their own new chips might not be ready in time.

The horizon for the upcoming iPhone 15 series holds the promise of several intriguing advancements, particularly in the realms of imaging and visual display.

There are strong indications of potential enhancements being in the pipeline for both the cameras and displays of these new devices.

At this moment, let’s direct our attention to the projected pricing of the iPhone 15 series in Pakistan.

What amount of PTA tax can be expected for the new iPhone 15?

The PTA tax on the iPhone 15 could experience an increase due to the following factors.

Under the current taxation framework, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) imposes taxes on cell phones based on their monetary value.

Consequently, a greater monetary value of a phone corresponds to an increased PTA tax.

Following the recent tax reduction announcement by the FBR, the maximum PTA tax for iPhone 14 Pro models stands at Rs131,000 for passport holders and Rs156,000 for individuals using their CNIC.

Factoring in the projected $100 price increment, our approximation for the peak PTA tax applicable to the upcoming iPhone 15 series would be roughly Rs150,000 for passport holders and approximately Rs170,000 for CNIC holders.

What might be the potential cost of the iPhone 15 in Pakistan?

iphone 15

A prevailing anticipation is that the initial price point for the iPhone 15 Pro within Pakistan’s market could hover around the ballpark of approximately Rs500,000.

This projection takes into account factors such as the device’s advanced features, technological enhancements, and the brand’s premium positioning.

It’s worth noting that such a price positioning underscores the flagship nature of the Pro variant and aligns with Apple’s established strategy of catering to consumers seeking cutting-edge technology and premium experiences.

However, as with any pricing estimate, it’s important to remain attentive to official announcements and market dynamics that might influence the final retail price.

When is the scheduled release date for the new iPhone 15?

The most significant iPhone 15 unveiling event from Apple is anticipated to take place on September 13th.

As reported by 9To5Mac, mobile carriers have discreetly advised their employees to keep September 13 clear of any pre-existing obligations due to a significant smartphone launch.

This subtle hint hints at a significant smartphone-related revelation expected on that particular day. Moreover, considering Apple’s habitual pattern of hosting its autumn launch events in September, it’s highly likely that the company will uphold this tradition.

Therefore, if this timeline proves accurate, Apple will officially announce the news in the upcoming weeks or days.

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