Anwaar Kakar: Inspiring Resilience as Pakistan’s Caretaker PM 2023

The unexpected announcement of Anwaar Kakar as the new interim prime minister of Pakistan has stirred a mix of surprise, curiosity, and speculation among citizens, political analysts, and even individuals within the outgoing government.

Sudden Appointment of Anwaar Kakar

The suddenness of Anwaar ul Haq Kakar’s appointment has led to widespread discussions and raised eyebrows across various circles.

Balochistan Senator’s Appointment

Over the weekend, the senator representing Balochistan province was appointed, following the decision of the outgoing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to step down, thereby enabling a caretaker government to supervise elections, as mandated by the constitution.

Nonetheless, the polls are expected to face considerable postponement, extending Kakar’s potential tenure significantly beyond the initial November deadline.

He was sworn in on Monday, which coincided with Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Kakar’s Gratitude for Serving Pakistan

“I express my gratitude to the Divine for the chance to serve the citizens of Pakistan,” Kakar shared on X, previously known as Twitter. “I also extend my appreciation to all those involved for entrusting me with the responsibility to guide the nation.”

Kakar’s Academic Journey: Balochistan to UK and Back

Born in Balochistan in 1971, Kakar completed his graduation in political science from the University of Balochistan during the 1990s. He was engaged in student politics during this period. Subsequently, he pursued further studies in the U.K., enrolling in the law program at Birkbeck, University of London, though he did not finish his degree. Kakar came back to Pakistan in 2005.

Long-time Acquaintance

Shahzada Zulfiqar, an experienced political analyst in Quetta, mentioned that he has been acquainted with Kakar for a quarter of a century. “Following a stint in the U.K, Anwaar Kakar concluded that his destiny lay in Pakistan’s politics, prompting his return to his homeland,” Zulfiqar commented.

Anwaar Kakar’s Political Trajectory

In the 2008 general election, Anwaar Kakar failed to secure a National Assembly Seat in Quetta. His path took a new direction in December 2015, when he was designated as the spokesperson for Balochistan’s chief minister within the PML-N government. This role contributed to the development of his adeptness in media affairs, a reputation he continues to uphold. Throughout his journey, Kakar has consistently voiced support for Balochistan.

Kakar’s Political Shift

In 2018, Kakar parted ways with the PML-N and, with the assistance of party defectors, secured a Senate seat in the following March. Just a few months later, the formation of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) took place, seemingly aiming to centralize the influence of politicians in the province. It is believed that Kakar played a pivotal role in conceptualizing this initiative.

Kakar’s Unforeseen Journey

In 2020, Kakar had a notable encounter with Imran Khan. He was poised to assume the federal minister of information role within Khan’s administration, but his appointment was unexpectedly revoked at the eleventh hour. Now, with a sudden turn of events, he finds himself thrust into the limelight on the national stage.

Surprise Over Kakar’s Rise to Interim PM Role

“Anwaar Kakar’s elevation to the position of interim PM caught everyone off guard,” remarked Syed Khursheed Shah, a Pakistan People’s Party leader, and former federal minister in Sharif’s administration, in a statement to local media.

Kakar Prepares for Role

In anticipation of his upcoming role, Anwaar Kakar declared his resignation from the Senate and withdrew his affiliation with the BAP on Sunday.

Zulfiqar’s Insight

The analyst Zulfiqar viewed the appointment with a favorable perspective, highlighting that it marks the “inaugural instance of a young and vibrant individual being selected as the caretaker prime minister.”

Mixed Reactions in Former Ruling Coalition Over Kakar’s Appointment

Not all members of the former ruling coalition share the same sentiment. Akhtar Mengal, leader of the Balochistan National Party (Mengal) and an ally of Sharif, voiced disapproval of Kakar’s appointment, indicating that it has led to tensions within the departing ruling coalition.

Anwaar Kakar’s Designation Widens Coalition Divide

“The designation of Anwaar Kakar has further deepened the divide among allied parties,” Mengal conveyed in an open letter addressed to Nawaz Sharif, the elder sibling of Shehbaz and the supreme leader of the PML-N.

Extended Tenure of Kakar’s Caretaker Government Anticipated

Zulfiqar concurred that Kakar’s interim administration might endure for a considerable duration. “The implementation of specialized legislation to grant authority to the caretaker government for financial dealings suggests the potential for an extended period of the caretaker setup,” he remarked.

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